Something I never expected has happened.  My sheep are overrun with bunnies.
The area around our house is perfect rabbit habitat.  Large open areas punctuated by brush and tall grass provide perfect nesting and grazing areas for Eastern Cottontails.  Rabbits abound on the trails and near our house.  Our cat has actually taken up bunny-catching as a hobby, which we’ve discouraged by keeping her in more often.   I always hear them scampering through underbrush when I do chores in the dark.  They are apparently everpresent.
This winter, the rabbits upped the ante by encroaching on the sheep’s hay.  Matt and I first noticed them hanging around the rams.  A few hours after feeding the boys, we would see two sheep and one or two bunnies cautiously grazing on leftover hay.  Then we noticed that a bunny or two would emerge from the sheep shelter when we went in.  Then the bunnies got more brazen and wouldn’t flee us immediately.
Today on the lamb-cam, I saw the sheep all gather, facing one direction.  I know that to be their response to danger, so I shifted the camera around, looking for a dog.  No dog, but in the corner of the photo was…a bunny.
Does anyone else have amusing livestock-wildlife interface situations?

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