First Lambs

Matt checked the sheep at 10:55.  Nothing doing.  He went to the dump.  He returned directly for find this:
A white ewe and a ram lamb from Bobolink.  The lambs are half Cormo, half Bluefaced Leicester.  They were up and nursing straightaway, no assistance needed.
The Bluefaced Leicester heritage is clear in the ears and the faces.  They are as loveable as can be!
wp_20170301_17_32_18_proEleanor wants to meet the new addition right away.

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A Vermont Sheep Farm and Homestead specializing Purebred, Registered Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep, in fine yarn and pasture-raised lamb.

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  1. Hooray, lambs! Glad to hear the lambing season has kicked off with such an easy delivery.

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