The Aftermath

I took Valentine and Peggy to Vermont Livestock yesterday morning.  I felt deep shame.  I like to prepare for bringing sheep on their final trip.  I want to do it knowing that their lambs are raised and independent, the sheep are fully healthy, and that the sheep are at peace knowing that the business of their lives has been completed.  To take ewes away from their young lambs, not having enjoyed the summer’s grass and sunshine?  It doesn’t feel right or good to me.  I said farewell to them as they were penned up in the waiting pens in the slaughterhouse.  Some gorgeous Angus cattle were ahead of them in line.  I will miss them a great deal.
In the remaining flock, the motherless lambs were starting to understand their situation.  Gazorpazorpfield and Krombopulos Michelle were already depending on us for milk, as Peggy just couldn’t provide enough.  Pencilvester misses his mother Valentine very much but has begun to accept the bottle.  Lark seems to be looking after him somewhat.
On the bright side, Marianne wrapped up our lambing season with a ewe and a ram lamb, tiny, but bright and ready to nurse.  That provides us with one or two ewes from each of our BFL starter flock!  So far, all look good, healthy, and up to breed standard.  Two vigorous, healthy lambs help me remember to look forward, not back.


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