The Vet Again

The sheep have gone out to pasture, and we are still moving through the testing program.

The vet came on Friday, and we are keen to see how the test results compare to the last set.  Bobolink has a small lump on her chin that will be biopsied, and I am hoping and wishing that there are no new indications of infection in the flock.  We are not hopeful for Bobolink’s future with the flock.  We can’t risk having a CL cyst on premises that could threaten the lambs.  Consequently, she will have to be shipped.  I am heartbroken.

The more time I’ve had to settle with this disease and the changes I must make to my flock, the more clearly I am seeing a new and different direction.

Sadly, CL has been most concentrated in my small group of Cormo crossbreds.  With Bobolink leaving, I will have one Cormo and three BFL/Cormo ewes.  At this point, it is plain to me that I should accept all of the lessons that the Cormo sheep have taught me and move on.  Meadowlark and the three half BFL ewe lambs will always have a home with me, but with deep sadness I intend to discontinue raising Cormo crossbred sheep.
It’s hard to be excited in the midst of so much sorrow and so many changes, but I have some exciting things coming this summer.   Matt and I intend to do the following:

  • We are working on buying a farm.  We are looking for 50-100 open acres and a habitable house.
  • We are buying haying equipment to make our own hay in the future.
  • We are buying 10 more BFLs and possibly 8-10 Border Leicesters to start farming without off-farm jobs.
  • We will still be raising lamb and wool, but we’re thinking we might like to change the name of the farm to something…fancier?  Better?  I’m looking for something as memorable and loveable as Sheep and Pickle, but that prompts fewer questions about pickles and seems more professional, too.


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