The Wonderful Gift

Today, 14 beautiful registered Border Leicester ewes joined the flock at the farm.  Sue and Bruce Johnson came up from Hinesburg with some of their finest yearling and two-year-old ewes.  The sheep are wide, square, clean and lovely.  They represent decades of careful breeding and it’s really an honor to have them here.
Sitting in the field, I saw before me the flock we’ve been waiting for.  Beautiful sheep, ready to transform this grass into fleece and meat.  This is the dream I barely began to formulate in 2012.  Now, the dream is literally wandering around before me, confused but contented.
After an hour or so, they settled in.
Because my life is action-packed at the moment, tomorrow, I will get my yarn for 2017.  This will be the last year that I’ll have the CormoX yarn, so stock up!  We are excited that some of the new ewes have fleeces that will go to the Sheep and Wool Festival, along with a couple of lambs fleeces.  Stay tuned for more.

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