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Living in Williston had its advantages.  If we forgot milk or butter, we could just go a mile to the store.  If we felt like eating Vietnamese food, we had three takeout options.   Friends were near.  World class events and shows were happening, too, but we are both shy about crowds so those mattered less.
Back out in the country,  circumstances feel different.  My years in Brookfield prepared me for the idea that anything we didn’t pick up on our grocery run could be unavailable for days.   Instead of choosing between 30 or 40 restaurant options, we will become regulars at one or two.  We are pretty fond of Cajun’s Snack Bar.  You can get alligator around here, but you’d be hard pressed to find good Italian food or Vietnamese.  Go figure.
Our saving grace is having a good general store.  I am completely in love with the Craftsbury General Store.   For a tiny store, they somehow have almost every grocery item I would ever need except white vinegar.    I mentioned that we were celebrating Matt’s birthday and the store attendant handed him a complimentary piece of cake!  I was also visited by another one of the shop folks who was driving by the sheep farm and recognized me.  I appreciate having the opportunity to spend my money locally, keeping my community vital and active.
We can stay local purchasing our vegetables, too.  We are spoiled by the pile of gorgeous vegetables on hand at the Pete’s Greens farmstand.  I’ve been pickling and preserving my way right through their basil, green beans and tomatoes.  I’ve also been buying  produce from smaller farms at the Craftsbury Farmer’s Market as well.

The wall of squash at Pete’s Greens

Another thing to get used to up here is the lack of gas stations.  The ones we do have use 70’s era pumps without card slots. This is a place where store proprietors trust people not to drive off, as you typically pump first and then pay.  I assume that a shotgun behind the counter reduces the risk.  I have had to re-acclimate to the inevitable gun-beside-the-door in homes I visit.  Anyway, I have to plan my gas carefully.
I am very much looking forward to rejoining a very solid community.

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