Change of Plans

I was all set to write a post about my third Sheep and Wool Festival and how successful it felt.  I made new friends and renewed contact with acquaintances.  I sold fleece with confidence, knowing I’ve finally learned what I need to about the products I offer.  I talked to other vendors about their sales successes and lessons so that I can improve next year.  I had a wonderful time, and I have enough revenue on hand to pay some nagging bills.

But this post isn’t about that.  This post is about how Matt and I were rushing to get one last barn-building task done yesterday before I planned to move the Border Leicester group.  I was on the ladder, and he was driving the tractor.  We were trying to move a big truss that will hold up the cover of our yet-unbuilt barn.  We didn’t notice that a strap was inadvertently hooked on the implement behind the tractor.  As Matt drove forward, the strap pulled the truss, the ladder and me forward. I fell 10 feet, breaking my left foot – Fracture of the 4th Metatarsal, to be precise.
Farming while unable to move is a challenge, for sure.  We are looking for someone who’d like to do sheep chores daily in exchange for the experience or maybe a room in the house.  Unfortunately, I’m necessarily on break from my part-time job, as it requires walking, so I am not in much of a position to offer pay. We could barter some meat or fiber, though.
In other sad news, the ewe whose struggle to walk we’ve been following was finally seen by the vet today.  Diagnosis- busted tendon near the patella.  So we are medicating her with meat-safe painkillers for a week to keep her comfortable and will have to butcher her.  We are really sad.  Just another freak accident in a weird and unaccountable year!

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