The World Awakens

Last week, we had snow.  This week, we seemed to be on track to be snow-free until, of course, it snowed again.  On April 30th!  That’s Northeast Kingdom life.
Just a few hints of grass are visible.  It will be a while yet before the sheep can graze, even though they are plainly aware that the world is brightening around them.  Grazing grass before it has regained lost energy will reduce its capacity to grow back and thrive, so we will let our grass grow back for a while prior to putting sheep on it.
We have lots of red dogwood on the property.  I will be interested to see if the sheep like grazing this or not.  If not, we will mow it and grow more grass here.
Spring has revealed all of our streams and seeps.  A great deal of water is moving across our land right now.  We will plan our grazing to avoid allowing animals access to this sensitive land.
An overview of our greening progress.

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