Sheep in Search of a Shepherd

Single large flock of sheep ISO capable shepherd and verdant fields.  Appearance not important, commitment a must.  
I don’t think that sheep ever write singles ads.  Overall, they aren’t picky about partners when the call of Fall comes.  But I am writing a personals ad for a flock of sheep that I really believe in.
Sue Johnson first got her Registered Border Leicesters after trying out several breeds in the 80’s.  From a first few ewes, her flock grew to 55 strong.  While trends in breedscome and go, Sue has stayed dedicated to fundamentals: sheep that thrive on grass, lamb with twins unassisted, raise them with care, and provide wool that meets the breed standard for curl and luster.  While her sheep have been shown with success, production fundamentals have guided her decisionmaking through these years.
I have to say here that Sue’s sheep saved my farm.  While the Bluefaced Leicesters are wonderful, fun sheep to raise, the Border Leicesters have done the heavy economic lifting for me.  Even with the stress of transport and relocation, my Border flock from Sue provided a 185% lamb crop, unassisted, in bad weather and good.    If I’m successful, my BFLs will be half as good in 10 years as Sue’s Border Leicesters have been right off the truck.  I really can’t say enough good things about their hardiness, their self-reliance, and their uniform appearance and lovely wool.  Unless you’ve had a flock of random sheep, it’s hard to overemphasize the value of ewes who are the same size, respond the same way to the same feed, and behave in predictable ways.  It saves a lot of personalized care, which a flock of 40 and 50 ewes doesn’t allow for the way having 5 or 10 once did.
Sue needs to cut back the number of sheep she is managing significantly for this year.  She and I aren’t just looking for buyers – we want to find a dedicated steward of a legacy and a rich genetic resource.  I have an interest in where Sue’s flock goes because I will need rams, support and partnership in future years.  Buying some or all of this flock entitles you to my support and Sue’s years of expertise and sound advice.  She picked my ram for this year, and from a gawky teenager he has grown into exactly the ram I was hoping to own.  An eye like that has real value.
This flock is a turn-key group of sheep that is perfect for any enterprise-oriented shepherd.   I’m going to offend a few people, but I’m going to say that if you want to raise sheep as an enterprise rather than a hobby, forget about rare sheep, tiny sheep or trendy sheep.  Get a large, reliable ewe who will never fail you, who is part of a sustainable genetic pool and whose beautiful wool has myriad uses.   That ewe will pay your bills while the Breed of the Moment cycles through the usual breeder pyramid scheme.   Sue’s sheep are both white and natural – the US Border Leicester registry accepts both.  Ewe lambs, rams, and production-aged ewes all available in small groups or large.
So please contact me below if you think these sheep might be of interest.   We are happy to answer questions

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