Farm Truths

Just some fun farm facts that are on my mind right now:
Sixty percent of all sheep photos look like this, or the sheep are little specks in the distance.  They don’t like to be in any of the space between bonking into you and escaping your visual field.
This is how your sneakers will look after 4 months of use.  I can’t wear boots for the time being, so I’m using sneakers well beyond their design parameters.  I won’t even start to describe how they smell, suffice it to say I leave them on the porch when I visit people.
Everytime you see your fencebirb, you will think “I need to ID that bird” but you never will.  I can tell she’s a finch of some sort.  Another note to fencebirbs- do not waste your time moving two or three sections away when I am picking up fence.  If I am picking up fence, you will just need to find another perch entirely.  I hate “chasing” you down the fencerow while I do my work because I don’t like to waste your time.
Sometimes, you feed your livestock and they still don’t want to be friends.  I haven’t yet held any of the newborn chicks from our mama hen.  They resent the idea that they are domesticated in any way.
This sweet Border ewe is the only one of the lot who wants me to pet her.  So I oblige whenever possible.
Fred lives for petting.  He and Matt have a special man-friendship.  I love Fred’s pretty eyes and sweet disposition, but I love his perfect build the most!
Steven realized that he is a sheep, not a person, but he still loves a good hug here and there.  We are so glad for his improved health and progress after so many close calls.20180823_103748

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