The Snow Came

Did you wake up today, look outside, and then decide to say in?  Or was it time to go to work anyway?
On the farm, it’s time to go to work anyway.  After all, the sheep are already up, working hard at growing beautiful lambs, so the least I can do is put on some lined pants and trudge out there.
I waded out to the chicken coop first.  The snow was almost up to my knees.  The chickens packed into their coop.  They know better than to set foot outside in high winds.
I turned back to the geese, who I found trying to complete their commute to work.  Up to their shoulders, the geese were making slow progress towards their feed and water.  I shooed them back to their shelter and moved their food and water to a more accessible location.
Our faucet was buried in this snowbank.  It was about a foot down.
Since the wind was mainly from the north, our barn filled with snow on the north end.  Our prevailing winds are from the west, so we don’t usually have this situation.  It’ll get eaten, covered in bedding and it will melt away.20190120_110443It’s easy to tell who slept out last night.  I parted some fleece to find the ewes entirely dry inside.  Wool is amazing.  No one was uncomfortable or shivering- just a bit snowy.Cloverworks_farm_sheep_in_a_storm
As usual, I moved some waste hay out of the feeders and fluffed up the feed .  The ewes milled around.  Just another work day for them. Cloverworks_farm_ewes_in_barn

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