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For Sale:
Pitchfork 926 “Fred” 2016 Registered Bluefaced Leicester Ram
Fred has been the main ram in our flock for the last two years, so it’s time for him to find a new flock.   What can I say about the ram who has sired all of our 2018 and 2019 lambs?  The ram who still wants a few pets now and then, and who loves to strike a pose just for fun?
We love his all-over strength and the rapid, balanced growth of his lambs.  He gains and maintains weight on moderate feed – the challenge is keeping him from getting overly fat!  He has classic BFL wool character with a purled fleece that has commanded over $20/lb each year.  Fred’s grandparents are Trueblue, Ward Reva, Black Mountain and Ward Bonnie.  The only thing I would change would be to lengthen his neck a tad and raise his ears a smidgin – otherwise, I don’t know that I’d change a thing.
Fred’s lambs are just as good- they consistently display his quality wool and correct blue coloration.  As a bonus, they have fun, sweet personalities that make them pleasant to work with.  Fred carries natural color.
It would be my strong preference that Fred to go a flock for purebreeding purposes.   We are located in Irasburg, VT but can travel with him if needed.
Email me at if you are interested!

Fred in 2017

Fred, Winter of 2018/19

Yearling daughter of Fred

The bum

Fred, 6/2019

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