Summer Goes On

The days are slightly shorter as July passes into August.  The grass is growing more slowly now, but the sheep don’t seem to mind as the ewes regain weight and the lambs slowly grow up.
Our fence-diving ewe lamb left on the trailer with other lambs who had reached finished size.   We still have one escaper, but the lambs are away from the road and I no longer worry about this all of the time.  In fact, we’ve really cut down on the number of sheep break-outs.  The lambs are in an area with plenty of shade and interesting terrain to explore.
We have sold all of the BFL ewe lambs we intend to sell this year.   We have two handsome ram lambs who would be great choices for BFL flocks.
The ewes have been feeling sedate lately.  This is their “me time”, in a way- no lambs to look after, not pregnant, just eating and sleeping and socializing.  All of the ewes that I have worried about all year have stabilized – Eilis looks well, 107 who had grown rather thin is plumping back up, our oldest ewes K and J are still thriving.  I am so grateful for their health and wellbeing.
I have a few interesting items in the works:

  • We are making dog treats from all of our unsold lamb liver.  Stay tuned for more liver treats.
  • Our first batch of lambs will come back soon.  If you would like a lamb box, let me know – I can deliver anywhere in Vermont as long as you don’t mind me coming on my schedule.
  • My BFL yarn is ready – stay tuned for more yarn online!
  • We will have lots of pelts this year and next.  Pelts are a great gift, but spoiling yourself a little is important, too.
  • We offer farm tours!  If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to visit, now is the time.  We would love to have you.


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