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After a long day in the fields, I admit that I am as inclined to scroll through Social Media as anyone.  I saw a blog post on State 14 recently recommending some good Vermont farms to follow.  I thought I would add some of my own favorite accounts that I follow:
therunningshepherdess – Amazing photos and views of sheep farming in the UK.  This account has a great sense of humor, too.  I will look at pretty sheep faces all day
wingandaprayerfarm – Tammy inspires me to make my posts sharper and more interactive.  Her lovely yarn and darling sheep remind me to lay off the shoptalk in my feed and focus on the beauty of sheep farming for my audience.  She also inspires me to bake more pies, because hers look incredibly delicious.
vtgrandviewfarm – Kim’s natural color palette and exquisite taste reminds me to think more openly about the texture possibilities of my yarn.  I am also grateful for her beginning shepherd series. Her expertise in sheep-keeping will be invaluable for new shepherds and the sheep-curious
nepalikitchenvt – This is my favorite restaurant, period.  Started by refugees who are also community organizers, the food is fantastic and the community is fantastic.
huckleberryknits – In a phrase, “Yarn Porn.”  So much beautifully-dyed yarn and inspired design
grassfatfarm – I love the name and I love this diversified, regenerative farm in Kentucky.  For folks who love meat and want to see animals raised with love and care, I highly recommend this account.
thefeltedgnome – Susi is a local fiber artist who does incredible work.  The eyes of her animals and fairies look so alive.  I don’t know her secrets but I know that I’m always excited to see what she’s concocting next.
dotranch– An insightful feed from a sheep farmer who is indigenous, a veteran and a mother of an autistic son.  She raises Navajo Churro sheep and advocates for farming and for Native cultures.  I am waiting for her to decide to write a book, but for now, I eagerly read every post.
porkbellyuptothebar – I want to live this person’s life.  This is an account full of delicious, creative restaurant food.
archwayfarm – After I left my hometown of Keene, NH, a local pig farm sprang up!  Enjoy these charming pigs and piglets in this thoughtfully-curated feed.
And be sure to follow our accounts, cloverworksfarm (sheep and yarn) and cloverworksfarmkitchen (lamb and cuisine) if you don’t already!

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