Delivery to Arlington, MA on 4/27

Order your lamb, meats and cheese now for delivery to Arlington, MA on Monday, 4/27. We are looking for $400 in orders to ensure that the 8 hour round trip is worthwhile for us (UPDATE: Order size has been met – thank you!). Your purchases support two farms whose farmer’s markets are currently closed. We are both full-time farmers and not usually in the transport and distribution business, so your patience is appreciated. Thank you so much!

If you would like delivery to a location other than the address provided, please note this at the time of purchase. If access to your residence is restricted, please also note that so we can coordinate handoff. Deliveries will take place on Monday morning, 4/27. Yarn orders can also be delivered along with food, but orders of only yarn will ship separately.

Can I order chicken?
– We only have one farm that sells federally inspected poultry and they are sold out of most products at the moment. I cannot legally bring you poultry that is not federally inspected.

What about veggies?
– Veggies are not yet in season in Vermont’s cold climate. We will carry them if we can as they become available.

Where can I learn more? What if I have a special request?
– Please Contact Us with further questions and additional requests!

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A Vermont Sheep Farm and Homestead specializing Purebred, Registered Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep, in fine yarn and pasture-raised lamb.

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