Scuttleship Romney Returns

…and it’s brought friends!

After what felt like forever, our Bobolink Yarns Scuttleship Romney 3ply Fingering Yarn is back in stock!

Describing yarn without just handing you some to touch is difficult, but here’s a go at it: We want to disconnect the word “Local” from the word “Rustic”. These yarns are made from Vermont-raised fiber, but they are smooth, sophisticated yarns that create supple, versatile fabrics. You’ll enjoy the yarns themselves just as much as you’ll appreciate the story of their creation.

Scuttleship Romney comes from our friends at Scuttleship Farm. Annie and Sean’s Animal Welfare Approved flock enjoy lake views in scenic Panton, VT. The sheep give us wool that is warm and crisp yet next-to-skin soft. We chose to make a 3ply semi-worsted fingering yarn from this gorgeous raw material, and we know you won’t be sad that we did. Samples available upon request.

From nearby Hardwick, Snug Valley Farm prides itself on expertly-managed pastures. Their Coopworth sheep have exquisite curls that make a halo-ey gray yarn. We made a 3ply semi-worsted fingering yarn from this wool, too – it knits up nicely as a companion to the Scuttleship Romney.

We have some exciting shawl patterns coming along. Get ready for some cute handwarmers and a pretty shawl coming later this year.

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A Vermont Sheep Farm and Homestead specializing Purebred, Registered Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep, in fine yarn and pasture-raised lamb.

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