Falling in Love with a Yarn

It hasn’t been easy to translate my love of wool into yarn that fibercrafters will want. When I am handling good wool and deciding whether to buy it, I am always thinking about whether or not it will be soft enough for people who are used to Merino yarn and similar offerings. I admit I spent some time panicking about whether I’ve spent money making yarn that is coarser than crafters will accept.

So it was with some apprehension that I opened the box of Cheviot 3ply Worsted. Would it be scratchy or coarse? Would it be ropey? Would I be saddled with “niche” yarn that would appeal to a narrow range of fibercrafters?

Well, my anxiety was needless. The Cheviot I pulled out was cotton soft with very little prickle. The blend of light and dark wool I sent to the mill became a sophisticated light silver gray. I immediately saw the potential for speckled yarns and variegated yarns set on a gray background. The wool has a lot of spring and bounce- this is perfect for any garment you want to have “cling”

I wrote to the shepherds who provided the wool right away to ask for more. Here’s hoping they’ll be willing to sell wool to Bobolink for years to come. It’s weird to feel a little obsessed with a wool when I have a room full of wool to play with, but I am tempted to get this on some needles ASAP.

Introducing: Morse Brook Cheviot 3ply Worsted from Morse Brook Farm in Westminster, VT. Available now to yarn shops and indie-dyers.

Our initial color set- more to come!

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