Target Dress Challenge…

…challenge accepted.

If you are unfamiliar with the Target Dress Challenge, it’s worth reading about so that the rest of this entry will make sense to you.

It all started when someone pointed out that a bunch of long dresses at Target look like “people just lost the farm after locusts ate their crops” but in the pandemic world. And this is where it got fun.

So my friend Betsy decided that we should take the challenge ourselves. She had a nearby Target and I had a farm.

The sheep seemed very confused.

I asked my yearling lamb if she thought we might survive the winter. The weather’s been chilling and cold.
We weren’t hungry enough to kill the goose this winter.
We are blessed with a fresh-baked loaf of humble bread.
Ready to defend the homestead with Grandad’s gun. Tarnation, they’ve hid behind the manure-spreader!

Published by cloverworks

A Vermont Sheep Farm and Homestead specializing Purebred, Registered Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester sheep, in fine yarn and pasture-raised lamb.

2 thoughts on “Target Dress Challenge…

  1. Oh my gosh, I looked up what the Target Dress Challenge is and burst out laughing! If a Target was closer, I’d be doing this too. A good laugh is especially needed during these long dark wintery COVID days. Thank you for the laugh.

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