To The Geese, Raising Their Goslings in Our Midst

  Dear Mr. Gander, Mr. Gander and Ms. Goose, First, my most sincere condolences for the loss of the other Mrs. Goose and one gosling on 5/27 at the hands of Mr. Fox.  We are truly sorry for the loss of your dear sister/wife/mother/son/daughter. We would like to express our absolute joy at the growthContinue reading “To The Geese, Raising Their Goslings in Our Midst”

Goslings Arrive

We have goslings! The geese sat patiently on their eggs for most of April.  One goose set herself up beneath some haying equipment, allowing us to leave her generally alone.  Approaching the tarp-covered implement would invariably elicit a hiss. The second goose laid her eggs in the ram barn, right next to the rams whoContinue reading “Goslings Arrive”