Checking the Flock

A little over a year ago, assessing the wellbeing of ten sheep was as easy as walking into the paddock with a handful of grain and waiting for everyone to come and say “hi.’  I could touch, FAMACHA and evaluate all of my sheep in a few minutes.  Simple! With 60 sheep now present inContinue reading “Checking the Flock”

A Day about Pigs

We are having a little piggy-roast next weekend in honor of Matt…getting older, let’s say.  We brought a live pig home last week.   She was cute as could be – a 60lb gilt (young sow) with endearing eyes.  She loved the apples and sheep grain I offered and would batt her long eyelashes atContinue reading “A Day about Pigs”

Off to the Auction

In my last post, I mentioned that we are actively gearing up to buy a farm, make our own hay, and raise sheep full-time. Yesterday, we went to the Rene Fournier Equipment Auction to search for useful implements for our farm. Picture a huge lot filled with new, used, and well-used equipment.  A few title-lessContinue reading “Off to the Auction”