Yarn Shop Partners

Become a Yarn Shop Partner

Our online store is now available to retail customers, so the prices and language will reflect that. Store owners should contact us to request a personal coupon code to continue to receive wholesale prices. Maintaining only one site and for retail customers and store owners and gives me more time for wool-buying and dyeing!

Hassle free online ordering

Our online store allows yarn shop owners to browse and order our yarns at their leisure. Orders will be shipped within 5 business days of order placement.

Part of our mission is to support small, local yarn shops by providing unique yarn offerings. In keeping with this mission, we will not make our yarn available at WEBS, yarn.com, or other national sales platforms. Rest assured that Bobolink Yarn will be exclusively available to small, local yarn shops.

To preserve the integrity of the brand, the viability of Bobolink Yarn, and the wellbeing of affiliated yarn shops, we require that you, the purchasing yarn shop, do not offer Bobolink Yarn for sale, resale, or trade on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or any online sales platform other than your own website or mailing list.  Violators will be barred from future yarn orders, no exceptions.  National sales platforms will be monitored regularly for the presence of our products.

We do not extend wholesale prices to individuals looking to purchase quantities of yarn for personal or group use. Indy dyers and yarn clubs may be eligible but may be asked to meet larger minimums.

To learn more, read our terms and conditions and feel free to contact us with additional questions about this and other policies.