When you enter a yarn shop, what do you see? I immediately notice the vast selection of Merino-based yarns marketed mainly through color selection. Celebrated indy-dyers are all working with the same base stocks from large mills. While I enjoy soft Merino wool as much as the next person, going to a yarn shop sometimes feels like going to an ice-cream shop where you can have any flavor, but the flavors are all variations on chocolate. How about something a bit different?

At the same time, I see knitters in forums lamenting the pilling on the sweater that took countless hours of patient knitting. We’ve become afraid of wool that isn’t super-soft, but the tradeoff is hard-won garments that don’t last because Merino just isn’t as durable as classic medium wools. Merino fibers are short and relatively weak compared to other wools. Save Merino for garments meant for your face! See how you feel about medium yarns for mittens, hats and especially for sweaters.

Our yarns mainly come from dual-purpose, medium-wool breeds. All of the wool we find has unique and interesting characteristics. The Cheviot is crisp and springy, the Romney drapey and lustrous, the East Friesian a comfortable compromise between crispness and softness. Celebrate the diversity of sheepdom with our farm-specific, breed specific yarns.

We pride ourselves in offering the best New England flock wools and the finest yarns available. Our inventory is always changing due to the seasonal nature of shearing and the time required for small, independent mills to process our yarn. We offer custom-dyeing for yarnstores, so your inventory will always be unique to your shop and will suit your customer’s tastes.

Our Selection

Coming Soon: Porjay North Country Cheviot

Porjay Farm, New Haven, VT

Coming Soon:
East Friesian 3ply Sport

Cate Hill Farm, Greensboro VT

Available NOW Romney 3ply Fingering

Scuttleship Farm, Panton VT

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