Scuttleship Farm

On the shores of Lake Champlain, our friends, Annie and Sean, raise sheep in a pasture-based system. They abide by the highest welfare standards, and the wool they shear shows it. Annie and Sean are excited to see their wool spun into beautiful and sustainable yarn that supports local businesses and delights fiber artists.

Romney Sheep

Romney Sheep originate in the Romney Marsh of England, where they developed a famous ability to weather wet conditions while growing long, lustrous wool. We love the long, lustrous locks with strong crimp from these wonderful sheep.

Wool Sorting

These lovely locks provide just the right softness and bounce for a crisp yet drapey yarn that you’re sure to enjoy. I assess the wool for cleanliness and sort out any excess VM by hand.

Scuttleship Romney wool on the sorting table

Made from Scuttleship wool