Settlement Farm

Consummate shepherd Dave Martin raises Cheviot, Montadale and Cheviot x Montadale crosses in the rolling hills of Underhill. Persistence and practicality characterize his work as a shepherd and as president of the Vermont Sheep and Goat Association.

Cheviot and Montadale Sheep

Cheviots and Montadales are practical sheep for a practical shepherd. Montadales are a tall whitefaced meat breed with pretty, crisp white wool. Cheviots are similar, but smaller in stature and thicker in set. Montadales grow larger, but need more feed. Cheviots are thriftier but smaller overall. In aiming for a perfect medium meat breed, Dave may have unlocked the perfect Vermont crossbred.

Sheep staring at viewer at Settlement Farm
A curious sheep at Settlement Farm

Wool Sorting

Dave has been managing his wool thoughtfully for a while, and it shows. The wool I found was clean and purely delightful. Free of major faults, I could just breeze through, sorting out stray second cuts and britch wool. Nothing gives me more pleasure than enjoying nice wool and knowing it’s going to a perfect use!

Made from Settlement wool