Snug Valley Farm

Just a smidge down the road, is a beautiful farm laid out across a large, productive acreage in Hardwick, Vermont. At the helm, Ben and Kelly are consistently following research and adopting modern approaches to nutrient management, paddock grazing and more. Talking to them is always educational for me – we talked for at least 90 minutes about flock management and field health without pause when we visited. The one area of expertise that Kelly and Ben lack seems to be a plan for their wool. Bobolink Yarns to the rescue!

Coopworth Sheep

Coopworths are a New Zealand breed developed from a cross between Border Leicesters and Romneys. Ben and Kelly mainly raise beef cattle. They tell me that the sheep are a critical part of their “Flerd” (flock+herd=Flerd). The sheep eat different plants in the pasture, helping the cattle utilize everything completely.

Wool Sorting

The sheep at Snug Valley Farm are mostly natural-colored and medium-gray. Their locks are VERY long- they seem to go on forever! The wool isn’t super-soft, but most people will find it comfortable for hats, mittens and the like.

Made from Snug Valley wool