MSWF Part II – At The Festival

(read Part 1, if you haven’t yet!) We were up at 6:30 for a second day in a row (well, I get up at 5:45 almost every day, but still).  We were out of the hotel before the continental breakfast was out, so we made do with IHOP.  The traffic reached the festival before weContinue reading “MSWF Part II – At The Festival”

MSWF Part I – The Bos-Wash

It happened.  I’m still recovering. We started on Thursday with takeout and our master planning session.  How would we load the sheep?  How would we give them water?   What time would we need to get to the festival?  You can try to lay out a plan in 15 minute increments, but good luck carryingContinue reading “MSWF Part I – The Bos-Wash”