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We love wool.

Discover the world of breed-specific yarns from New England flocks with Bobolink Yarns. Our mission: to bridge the gap between New England shepherds and the premium yarn marketplace

Step 1:We pay a fair price to shepherds for wool from well-cared-for flocks.

Step 2: Using our knowledge of sheep breeds and wool types, we transform that wool into the best gauge and style yarn it can be. We take pride in creating crisp, smooth yarns for knitters, crocheters and other fibercrafters to enjoy.

Step 3: We hand-dye the yarn with colors that inspire.

Step 4: We offer our yarn to local yarn shops around New England to meet the under-served need for local yarns in local stores. We want to see a vibrant local wool economy from bottom to top.

Our yarn comes from small flocks of sheep beloved by their shepherds. As farmers, we have the expertise to identify high-welfare farms. Great wool comes from happy, well-cared for sheep, so that’s the only kind we buy.

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About Us

Katie and Matt own Cloverworks Farm in Irasburg, Vermont. After successfully growing a yarn business using wool from their own sheep, they are branching out to purchase wool, have it spun, and to supply local yarn shops with top quality local yarn.

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