From Sheep to Shop

Flocks with loving shepherds

We pay a fair price to New England shepherds with well cared for flocks from the premium wool they produce.

Yarn design and production

Using our knowledge of sheep breeds, wool types, and hand-knitting we thoughtfully design and produce yarns.

Small-batch hand-dyeing

We hand-dye yarn in small batches with a combination of inspiring seasonal colors and long-time favorites.

New England yarn shops

We meet the underserved need for local yarns in local stores around New England. These unique, premium products differentiate them from big-box stores.

Who Started Bobolink Yarns?

Vermont Sheep Farmers

Katie owns Cloverworks Farm in Irasburg, Vermont. Using wool from her own sheep at Cloverworks, she successfully developed a yarn business. In the process, she realized that many farmers have wool, but don’t have the knowledge, skills or time to transform it into yarn or find markets for it. Katie saw a way to bridge the gap between these farmers and the hand fibercraft market. So she created Bobolink Yarns, which purchases wool from farmers, processes and spins it into premium yarn at a local mill, hand dyes it in small batches, and supplies that yarn to local shops.

Our Yarn Shop Partners

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