Morse Brook Farm

In Westminster VT, two families combine their efforts on a single farm to maximize what they can accomplish. Liz, Katrina and Matt tap maples, manage goats and sheep and regenerate the land together. The sheep at Hatch Brook Farm are predominantly Cheviots, though some are crossed with Romney or Finn.

Cheviot Sheep

Cheviots hail from Scotland and are plentiful in cold, windblown areas of the UK. Cheviot wool is a down-type wool with a well-defined crimp and moderate softness. Morse Brook Farm takes pride in raising their sheep with care and kindness, and it shows in the clean, high-quality wool.

Cheviot sheep in a barn
Cheviot sheep in a barn at Hatch Brook Farm

Wool Sorting

These fleeces hardly needed any sorting. The wool was clean and bright. I love the tight, defined crimp – that’s what gives this yarn its distinctive springy, spongy quality. This yarn will hold air tightly, keeping the wearer warm and cozy in chilly weather.

Close-up of Cheviot wool from Hatch Brook Farm during sorting showing the crimp and length

Made from Morse Brook wool